GCSE Chemistry - Atoms Lyric Video [Demo]

26th November 2014

Struggling with understanding Atoms in GCSE Chemistry? Check out this quick demo of the lyric videos available with our LearnThruMusic packages:

All chemical elements are made up of atoms,

Atoms are made up of both protons and neutrons,

In the nucleus which is surrounded by electrons,

Particles have different relative masses and charges,

Protons have a +1 relative charge kids,

With the relative mass of 1 the same relative, 

Mass as neutrons, but the charge is different neutron is zero,

Neither negative nor positive you best believe yo,

When electrons relative charge is 1 with the mass of nearly zero that was kinda fun,

An atom has equal amounts of protons and electrons so there’s no electrical charge don’t forget some,

We keep the equilibrium with a balanced effector,

Keep it educational were passing the test son […]

To access the full song, online tests and extra notes, head to www.learnthrumusic.co.uk and sign up today! 



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