GCSE Algebra Revision

29th March 2017

GCSE Maths Revision - New Maths Syllabus
Learn the key facts for Algebraic Notation to nail your Maths exam!
To get the best results in your GCSE examinations across all exam boards, including WJEC,
AQA and OCR, it is key that you understand algebraic notation. Here we’ll take you through
all the information you need to know, helping you to easily understand what algebraic
notation is and how to use it.
In Maths, algebraic notation is very important and is seen as the language of
Algebraic notation is a way of investigating the relationships between different quantities.
These quantities are represented by letters and/or symbols and you have to understand this
language of letters and symbols in order to understand and revise the new GCSE maths
The key reasons for using algebraic notation in maths are:
● To help break down wordy problems into simpler, more manageable equations which
are faster to work out
● To create a formula that does not need to change for each varying problem and can
be fixed except for the letters and what values they represent
● So equations are not limited by only one set of values and can make sense with
many different sets of numbers which have the same relations
Don’t forget to check out our song on algebraic notation to learn more to help you in your
GCSE maths exam!


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