GCSE advice- for parents

9th October 2014

We've previously blogged about how incentives such as cash don't help students achieve better grades. But what CAN parents do to help GCSE students reach their full potential? 

  • Be flexible – use the 80/20 rule. If your child is sticking to what they are supposed to be doing 80% of the time, they will be doing alright.
  • Agree the balance between work and social life and stick to the agreement. Flexibility 
    is key.
  • Teenagers often take an all or nothing ‘catastrophic’ approach to difficulties –
    “I’ve messed up this exam, I might as well give up.” Encourage and support them by helping them with some perspective.
  • Be the banker - pay for the tools, such as files, stationary and revision resources they need.
  • Be a study buddy. Make time to help with homework, you don't need to be a expert in the subject to test them when they ask, or check work .


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