Education and Technology

9th June 2014

There are five things which students say they want in education, and those are; 

  • Interactive technology
  • Real world application + relevance
  • Teachers + mentors
  • Innovation
  • Choice

As a provider of online music based learning resources, we're pleased to hear of 'The Digital Youth Council' - launched to give pupils a voice on education technology.

Led by Sir Richard Branson, the panel of students aged 13-17 will share their experiences with technology and discuss ways in which education technology can be improved in a classroom setting. The full Telegraph article can be found here ;

Would you like to incorporate interactive technology into your lesson plan? we offer our GCSE learning resources to schools for just £300. The music based revision can be accessed online, and on tablets with interactive lyric sheets teachers can add notes to. 

Try a free trial for your school today


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