Eat Your Way to Exam Success

27th February 2015

OK, so I admit it, the above statement may be exaggerating the effects of good diet on our ability to pass exams, but neither should the importance of eating correctly be ignored. Eating well is equally beneficial for your mental health as it is for your physical health and your brain needs certain nutrients just like any other organ in your body.

A great article from the BBC Good Food website written by Jo Lewin, a nutritional therapist, provides a list of the top 10 foods you should eat to maximise your brain power as well as explaining why they do what they do. According to the piece, the top 10 foods to eat are:

1. Whole grains

2. Oily Fish

3. Blueberries

4. Tomatoes

5. B Vitamins

6. Black currants

7. Pumpkin Seeds

8. Broccoli

9. Sage

10. Nuts

Read the article for yourself and discover how it isn’t just lots of revision that can help you turn that B grade into an A.


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