Do Teachers Need Blogs?

13th June 2014

Sharing education news and techniques use to consist of a photocopied articles distributed amongst the faculty's pigeon holes, only to be skimmed and discarded. Today we have great discussion and debate on social media sites, with Twitter's #edchat hashtag being one of our favourites for global education news - in a fun soundbite of 140 characters or less (NB, we also jump on the #edtechnews hashtag) 

The technological advancements of today mean that educators can not only distribute articles they found useful, but interact with the writers and publish their own opinions and experiences. We saw a massive surge of culture warriors in the Twittersphere when Gove suggested that American Literature shouldn't feature in the English GCSE syllabus, which revealed a passionate defence of the American texts covered ; such as 'Of Mice and Men'. We saw debate and discussion amongst educators and students alike, which is precisely why it's so valuable; it's opening a dialogue.

It's also an effective way to keep up to date with the latest education technology news, so you can bring your lesson plans and school up to speed. Teachers blogs are important, as they offer more impartial articles than some education magazines can - so utilizie this tool to share, collaborate and get involved in the ever changing landscape of education and technology. 







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