Could a lie in boost GCSE grades?

13th October 2014

Everyone knows that getting an early night during the difficult times of GCSE's is a given for good results. But will the early learning hours of school mornings help or hinder you come exam time? 

A new trial tracking nearly 32,000 GCSE pupils in more than 100 schools will assess whether a later school start leads to higher grades.

Prof Russell Foster, director of sleep and circadian neuroscience at Oxford University, said that getting a teenager to start their day at 07:00 is like an adult starting theirs at 05:00.

He also highlighted the results of a small trial at Monkseaton High School in North Tyneside where school start times were shifted from 08:50 to 10:00. This led to an increase in the percentage of pupils getting five good GCSEs from about 34% to about 50%.

You can read the full BBC article here, and show it to your parents while you're protesting over those extra ten minutes in bed in the morning! 



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