Buffoon Tv - Education Feature

15th May 2014

We've had local Welsh film crew 'Buffoon TV' in today, filming an education feature on our GCSE revision songs, and the entrepeneurial efforts of MD Nathan Dicks.

LearnThruMusic is part of Rewise Learning. Rewise was set up in 2008 by Nathan Dicks to help young people achieve their potential through fun, innovative creative learning experiences. Being dyslexic and undiagnosed until the age of 21, Nathan struggled in mainstream education and made it his aim to create educational courses and learning resources that help young people gain vital transferable skills, and nationally recognised qualifications. Nathan is a 'Young ambassador of the year' for the Princes Trust and also a role model for the government in Wales. He visits schools and tells the story of his struggle due to dyslexia, and how he strived to turned it all around by starting his own business- with support from the Prince's Trust. 

Buffoon TV is Swansea Bay's new online community TV. They run local interest pieces on education, tourism and volunteering http://www.buffoon.tv/about/  @BuffoonFM


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