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21st August 2014

September is just around the corner, along with a new school year to prepare for. Today we have some tips on how to get ready, and stay motivated throughout the year.


1. Get organised, stay organised. 

Buying new stationary and note pads was always my favourite time of the academic year. When you begin your GCSEs, you'll start getting lots of loose sheets and homework from your different subjects. The best way to keep everything organised is to keep a seperate folder for each of your classes. It's also a great time to ask your parents for money for all those lovely new pens.

2. Be punctual 

It's important to make sure you're punctual for class. Not just because you might miss important parts of the curriculum, but because you might need a reference from your teacher one day. You need your teacher to see your're punctual and consistent if you want a strong recommendation to an employer. 

3.The Breakfast Club 

This is a great time to join up to an after school activity or sport, and discover any interests or talents you may have. Aswell as combatting stress from the heavy work load of GCSE's, it's good to have hobbies to mention on UCAS and job applications. 

4. Manage Relationships

Your boyfriend/girlfriend might seem like the most important thing right now, but it's essential to keep the right balance. You should be able to fit in school work, friends and hobbies as well as a romantic relationship. Do you have coursework? when work you're completing affects your grades, you can stick to seeing your boyfriend/girlfriend on weekends. 


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