14 Ways to Improve Your Memory and Sharpen Brain Function

20th January 2015

We're always looking at new ways in which you can improve your memory in order to aid your revision techniques. Here are a few tips:


1) Stay Activie - Keeping a strong mind means keeping the body active as well.

2) Visualize - In order to aid the brain in remember things you want it to, it helps to visualize what it is you want to remember

3) Use Associations - The brain works by building a large neural network of associations. That’s why there are certain words, phrases, and images that automatically get us to think about certain things.

4) Believe You Can Do It! - A big part of memory is self-efficacy when it comes to remembering things.

5) Break it Up - It is easier to memorize larger topics in phases, so that you don’t become overwhelmed by the task. 

6) Keep Things Organized - It’s harder to remember things if your brain can’t see any order to them. That’s why you should take the time to organize the data you want to remember in a meaningful way.

7) Prioritize - If you have a large number of things to memorize, such as for a big exam, you’ll need to do triage and identify the things that are most important to remember.

8) Focus - It’s easier said than done in certain situations, but the more you can tune out the world around you and focus in on what you’re trying to remember, the better.

9) Speak It Aloud - The act of speaking something aloud helps to remember it later, even if you aren’t able to speak it aloud at that time.

10) Feed Your Brain - The food you eat has a direct effect on your brain, which is why it’s essential to eat foods that contain the proper antioxidants for brain health. 

11) Stay Positive - It’s important to try to keep a positive outlook in order to keep your brain healthy. In fact the two go hand in hand.

12) Drink Water - Staying properly hydrated is key to having a brain that is firing on all cylinders.

13) Train Your Brain - Keeping your mind active is now easier than ever, because there are several sites that provide brain training games designed to improve your sharpness, memory, and agility. 

14) Use Music - Check out www.learnthrumusic.co.uk !! 

Source: http://bembu.com/how-to-improve-memory


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