12 Amazing Things Scientists Discovered in 2014 About People Who Listen To Music

10th March 2015


I stumbled across a fantastic article today that shows 12 fantastic things that scientists discovered in 2014 about listening to music. I'll list them all below and provide the link to article at the bottom:

1) Learning an instrument at a young age can provide improved executive function.

2) Rhythmic ability has been linked to language learning.

3) Music training can help close the achievement gap.

4) It can combat ADHD.

5) It can provide benefits to long-term memory.

6) It can actually cure tinnitus.

7) Listening to music about alcohol makes people more likely to drink.

8) Science discovered why talented musicians are so good looking!

9) Music can enhance running performance.

10) Sound quality has a huge impact on musical enjoyment.

11) Some people cannot enjoy music.

12) Musical ability is directly linked to the sensitivity of your inner ear.


To read more, head to: http://mic.com/articles/106100/12-amazing-things-scientists-discovered-about-music-this-year 


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