10 Homework Tips

7th November 2014

10 Homework Tips

When beginning your GCSE study all anyone seems to think about are those all-important exams at the end of year 11. This is further endorsed by the media’s infatuation with exam results and let’s not forget the recent changes to the GCSE format that has done away with modular exams.

But exams are only part of the equation and success or failure is dependent on the hard work carried out over the preceding two years. Much of this hard work comes in the form of homework and coursework to be completed away from the school environment. Looking back at my own study routine exams were rarely the problem for me, it was the stuff away from school that I struggled with due to the number of distractions around the home.

If you need some help planning your homework routine or creating a productive working environment then we’ve come across a great site full of valuable homework tips, just go to www.kidshealth.org to start on the path to homework success.


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