Work Experience; A guest blog

3rd July 2014

It's been an exciting week at LearnThruMusic HQ with the arrival of our first work experience student, Corey from Swansea EOTAS. You may have heard the term 'EOTAS" before - it means Educated Otherwise Than AT School, and there are various centres around the UK. 

We've been working with 16 year old Corey since Monday, and asked him to fill out a brief questionnaire to reflect on his time with us. His answers were brief but heartfelt, and give great insight into how work placements like this can help young people like him. 


Life goal

My goal in life is to be a music producer/ dj and get my music around the world!


Tell us one unusual thing about yourself:  

Well I get called weird a lot because I don’t tend to go out as much as my mates. I prefer to focus on my music career instead of wasting time walking around our rough neighborhood.


How did you hear about learnthrumusic

Well I first met Nate in a meeting when he came to my education centre to show us what he offered. When he showed me his material I was amazed, it's a really cool idea and as I’m passionate about music I loved what he was creating.


What did you do during your placement?

Well first I got to learn about logic pro software and how to use it! Second I got to meet an amazing team of people! I got to help out making one of their songs and looking at the lyrics.


What was the most enjoyable part of the placement?

I most enjoyed working with Simon and using logic because I like to produce music with ableton. I never had much experience with logic and when Simon taught me a few tricks I really enjoyed it. I was doing what I love and what I enjoy.


How do you think working at LTM has helped you?

I think it has helped me understand that you don’t have to play your music in front of millions of people. Using it to help others gets you the same recognition. I also learned different aspects of running a business.


What do you want to go on to do after the placement has finished?

First I’m going to colleg sir gar Llanelli to learn more about music- then I'm going to see how far I can get with a musical career!


Do you think work experience is a good use of time? would you recommend it to others?

Yeah I think it is an awesome use of time! I'd much prefer to work at LTM everyday than sit at home watching TV. I would most definitely recommend it to others. 


What skills have you developed that will be helpful in achieving your career goals? or have your  goals changed since you've undertaken the placement

I have developed skills in socialising and producing music with different software. My goals haven’t changed but I have definitely got a step closer!





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